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Best strategies for social media marketing?

Recent years, the cyber world has witnessed the emerging importance of Social Media as a very important digital marketing tool that can give maximum exposure and greater marketing mileage for any business brand, product or service. A successful social media strategy can drive more web traffic and visitors to you and also help you to build a great customer relationship. And also increase sales. Let’s start step by step social media strategy. It has gone from being a mere fad or yet another simple platform where content can be published – and evolved into one of the most powerful marketing and advertising tools and strategies.

Social Media marketing as a digital strategy needs patience and consistency. It is a very crucial and important  step in establishing a brand image and building audience. Start with a strategic mindset. Get creative and use your existing ideas to create amazing posts or formats that will connect with your audience.

To begin with, there are some important points that a brand trying to hold their place across social media platforms must keep a note of:

Identify your Target audience

The content you will need to create depends on the product, services you wish to market to a particular target audience, so a content strategy will vary from business to business. It mainly depends on the needs of your target audience, so identifying your target audience is the first and the most important step.

Create useful & relevant content

You should try to create content which is useful and relevant to your target audience and at the same time it must also be relevant to your business and to what it does.

Unique & original content!

Your content should be able to establish you or your business as an authority in your area of expertise and create credibility and trust. To do this the content needs to be original and unique. Unique and original content will also be valued by search engines like google and thus it will rank higher up in search results, drawing in traffic.

Only problem is, it's very difficult to create original content, but don't worry, you don't have to be completely original, you can curate content. Everybody cannot create original content but you can easily curate content. (There are also apps on the internet which generate curated content for you, for a small fee.)

Content format (Text or Videos)

Now once you have some idea about what content you need to create, its time to actually create the content.

You can either create content in a text format (Articles) or in video format or both. For text format the obvious vehicle to distribute your content can be a blog. For video content, along with your blog, you can also use your YouTube channel to reach your target audience.

The above are the organic ways of getting traffic with your content, please note that this strategy will work only if you have a longer term perspective, you will have to be consistent in creating content. (At least write one article per week and keep doing it for at least 10 months to see any kind of result.)

Paid ads

If you do not have the time or patience for the organic approach, you need to be able to spend money and go for paid social media ads, that is another way to get traffic but then you do not need a content strategy, because you can directly advertise your product. Content strategy should generate traffic organically, thus paid ads are not generally used to get traffic to your blog etc. But they can be used to get traffic to your landing page, where you can sell your goods and thus justify the cost of advertising.

Guest posts

If your own blog pages are not ranking high up in search, the other way to get traffic would be guest posts. You can have arrangements to write guest posts on other more established blogs to share your content. You can also directly get the established bloggers involved as an affiliate to recommend your products to their captive audience, this of course is not a content strategy per se but is an affiliate marketing program which can be used in parallel to your content strategy.

Analyze and tweak

There will be lot of tweaking necessary as you go ahead with creating your content, you should constantly be able to see what works and what doesn't based on the traffic your content generates, Google analytics will come in handy here that also in free of cost!

Traffic is not everything but conversion is!

But traffic is not the final objective but conversion is! So please ask yourself, why are you trying to create this content in the first place. Your content strategy should definitely generate traffic but it's main objective is to create leads and convert those leads into sales for your business, that is the final mission of your content strategy.

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